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Executive Integration / Onboarding
Executive Integration is an innovative "pre-boarding" process that I developed over 20 years ago as an organization development executive.  

Up to half of new senior leaders fail within two years.  What they do or neglect doing in their first 90 days on board has a profound impact on their ultimate success or failure. Executive Integration begins when an offer is accepted and culminates 90 days after the new leader's start date.  It ensures that the new leader arrives with a "blueprint for success" in hand that will enable him or her to secure early wins, sustain them and avoid costly and potentially career ending mistakes. 
It involves the new leader's boss, peers and direct reports, as well as, in some cases, board members, key clients, suppliers and other stakeholders.  

My private consulting practice, Burroughs International, LLC, also provides on-site consulting and case-study-based workshops for organizations seeking to develop and implement their own in-house Executive Integration process.  As a thought leader in this area,  I also serve as a keynote speaker at association and other professional conferences.   www.BurroughsInternational.com

My book, Before Onboarding:  How to Integrate New Leaders for Quick and Sustained Results, is available on Amazon and Kindle HERE.  It outlines the process in detail.
I serve as group owner of the Executive Integration Network, a LinkedIn group.

Michael is the Group Manager and Moderator for the Executive Integration Network group on LinkedIn.  This is an open group.